Brown Dog Produce

Here at Brown Dog Produce CSA I am committed to raising only the finest Jersey Fresh produce. My mission at Brown Dog Produce CSA is to feed my community the same healthful fruits and veggies that I feed my growing family. While I am passionate about my produce, I also am passionate about the land that I farm. My greatest wish is to leave the ground I farm in better condition for those generations that will come after me. I hope that you will take advantage of the wonderful Jersey Fresh produce that I am offering you!

BDP Popcorn is HERE!

popcorn combine

popcorn popcorn jars


Please visit the Popcorn Page for more information and online ordering

Available in 14oz. and 28oz. containers.  Currently (12/29/14), our red is available and blue will be shortly.  If you are interested in wholesale quantities, please contact Samantha Jany for more information.

Now accepting CSA memberships for 2015!

Visit he CSA page or contact Samantha Jany for more information.
Produce Basket