Locally grown Popcorn, from Cranbury, NJ

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We started growing our own gourmet popcorn in 2013.  Our first sales were in 2014, with significantly more available each year as the seasons have progressed.  We take pride in growing flavorful varieties, and selling only a premium product. We look forward to your comments, as we feel it is some of the most flavorful we have tasted.  Initial comments have been just that! If you are looking to support locally grown products from small farms this is it.  If we’re not mistaken, this is the only New Jersey grown popcorn in the area.  If you are interested in wholesale quantities, please contact Samantha.

For the concerned individuals, this product is Non-GMO (However, there are no GMO varieties on the market).  We offer three varieties, a red hulled, a white hulled, and a blue hulled.  They all look great, and taste better, and yet different than the others.  These were selected for taste/flavor over anything else, and most people say that no additional flavoring (salt, butter, etc) is necessary.

 We recommend popping on the stove top, using approximately a 3 to 1 ratio of Popcorn to vegetable oil/popcorn oil etc;  we typically use 3 tbsp popcorn to 1 tbsp oil, which will yield approximately 3 cups of popped, popcorn.  Heat in a pan, with lid, until popping slows to less than 1 per second.

Please Visit our Paypal site to order.  Please note, we ship in USPS Flat Rate boxes.  We can fit up to 8, 14oz containers, or 4, 28oz containers in a box.

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14oz containers, Gourmet Red Hulled Popcorn


28oz containers, Gourmet Red Hulled Popcorn